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Jeep Cherokee XJ 1986-2001, Jeep Comanche MJ 1986-1992 Double Sheer Track Bar w/ Bracket
Cruise Front

Jeep Cherokee XJ 1986-2001, Jeep Comanche MJ 1986-1992 Double Sheer Track Bar w/ Bracket
Cruise Front

Jeep Cherokee XJ 1986-2001, Jeep Comanche MJ 1986-1992 Double Sheer Track Bar w/ Bracket
Cruise Front


Add hardware if you would like to replace the factory nuts and bolts.


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Cruise Series Front Track Bar with Double Sheer Bracket Compatible with Jeep Cherokee XJ and Comanche MJ (CRS-J-XJMJ-FTB1)

Experience Enhanced Stability

For off-road enthusiasts, stability and control are non-negotiable. Specifically designed to be compatible with the Jeep Cherokee XJ and Jeep Comanche MJ, the Cruise Series Front Track Bar ensures these features. It is an essential part of any solid axle suspension system, maintaining your vehicle’s axle center alignment and delivering excellent stability and handling, even on uneven terrain or during aggressive cornering.

Sturdy, Premium Construction

Our Cruise Series Front Track Bar boasts superior craftsmanship. Constructed from 1.5″ OD .313 Wall DOM tubing, it ensures unmatched strength and durability. It features a high-grade polyurethane bushing at the fixed end and an industry-leading Rock Jock Johnny Joint at the adjusting end. This combination offers unmatched flexibility and comfort.

Double Sheer Frame Bracket

Our unique design is enhanced by the included Double Sheer Bracket, which is built from 1/4 inch plate steel and laser-cut for precision. This bracket replaces the factory frame bracket and provides multiple mounting holes for greater control over your suspension setup. It can even accommodate a frame brace if desired, surpassing other market options in flexibility and off-road performance.

Adjustability for the Ideal Fit

Lifting a vehicle often results in axle shift due to the altered track bar angle. With our adjustable Front Track Bar, you can easily recenter your axle, improving handling and reducing stress on suspension components. This Track Bar accommodates lifts from 0 to 6 inches, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your vehicle setup to your specific needs. We also offer additional options for lifts over 6 inches upon request.

Two-Stage Powder Coating for Lasting Durability

We prioritize maximum durability and corrosion resistance for our track bars through a rigorous two-stage powder coating process. This process includes a zinc primer base coat for rust protection, followed by a top coat in your choice of 10 distinct colors. This approach ensures added protection and customization to match your vehicle’s aesthetics.

Made in the USA

At Core 4×4, we are committed to American manufacturing excellence. The Cruise Series Front Track Bar is proudly produced in our Orem, UT facility. We manage every aspect of the production process, ensuring stringent quality standards and meticulous attention to detail. By keeping a significant portion of the manufacturing process in-house, we can ensure top quality and competitive pricing.

Effortless Installation

Our Front Track Bar is designed for a hassle-free installation using factory hardware. If there is a need for replacement of existing bolts, we offer optional new Grade 8 hardware kits separately.

Key Features

  • Improved stability and excellent handling
  • Premium design with high-grade polyurethane and a Rock Jock Johnny Joint
  • Double Sheer Bracket with multiple mounting options
  • Adjustability for lifts from 0 to 6 inches

Why Choose the Cruise Series Front Track Bar?

  • Superior Stability: This Front Track Bar minimizes body roll during cornering, maintains proper alignment of steering components, and improves steering response.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from robust DOM tubing and featuring high-grade polyurethane, a

    Johnny Joint, and a Double Sheer frame Bracket, our Cruise Series Front Track Bar offers unmatched durability.

  • Customizable Adjustability: With our Front Track Bar, you can make precise adjustments to your suspension, ensuring superior stability and exceptional handling.
  • Made in the USA: Support domestic manufacturing and enjoy the benefits of stringent quality control with our American-made Cruise Series products.

In Conclusion

Choosing the Cruise Series Front Track Bar signifies your appreciation for precision control, exceptional durability, and American-made quality. It’s an excellent upgrade for off-road enthusiasts and those with lifted vehicles seeking superior handling and performance. Experience the difference in your driving journey by upgrading your vehicle today.


Series Cruise Front
Color Options Charcoal, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Light Green, Red, Purple, Black, White
Built With 1.5" OD 5/16" Wall DOM tubing
Grease Fittings Included
Lift Range 0" — 6", 6"+
Fixed End Polyurethane
Adjustable End Forged Currie Johnny Joint
Thread Size 1" x 14 TPI
Thread Length 2.5"
Shipping Dimensions 6" x 6" x 48"
Product Weight 22 lbs

Vehicle Fitment

Make Model Year
Jeep Cherokee XJ 1986 - 2001
Jeep Comanche MJ 1986 - 1992

OEM Interchange Numbers

52007118 52088432 -- -- -- --

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