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RockJock’s Sway Bar End Link Stud is 14 in. long and features 4 1/4 in. of 1/2 in.-20 LH thread and 2 5/8 in. of 1/2 in.-20 RH thread, providing adjustment as-is and extra thread, allowing you to cut it shorter as deemed necessary by your application. This rod is included in some RockJock Suspension Kits as well as some Antirock Sway Bar Kits, but is able to be purchased individually as a replacement for a bent rod, or universal usages you may find for it. Additionally, if you have changed the lift amount on your vehicle you may need a different length of end link rod to accommodate your new lift. You can simply buy new link rods to accommodate your needs and install them without having to replace all of your existing hardware.
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Our product lines are designed to offer the absolute most value for your budget. Not every build is the same and we understand that. Our series differ mostly in the components used in the construction of the parts. Our Cruise and Town Series utilizes our high grade flex poly bushings at both ends of the arm, this has proven to be a smooth riding easy to maintain and replace bushing that we absolutely love. Our Camp and Trail Series utilizes 5/16″ wall DOM tubing and incorporates a flexible Johnny Joint at the adjusting end, this series has been our most popular series for all around use, great for daily drivers that want to tear up the trails as well. Our Crawl, Tow, and Track Series utilizes the same 5/16″ wall DOM tubing, but features Johnny Joints at both ends. This series gives you the absolute most out of your suspension. This is great for heavy towing/hauling and extreme off-roading. Also, if the component is straight in these series we will machine these left and right hand threaded for easy adjustment on the vehicle!

We are constantly expanding our product lines to include complete kits, if you don’t see something on the site for your vehicle, reach out to our sales team and we can put something together for you.

Our two main sizes of jam nuts require an1-1/2″ wrench or an 1-5/8″ wrench. Generally speaking the 1-5/8″ jam nuts are used on our lower control arms and the 1-1/2″ jam nuts on our upper control arms and track bars. There are some exceptions, but we do offer a crow’s foot that has both sizes.