Jeep Super HD Ball Joint Kit (1) BJ107 (1) BJ109 For 99-04 Grand Cherokee 07-18 Wrangler JK Apex Chassis.

At APEX we like to say our quality is not consistent, it’s constantly evolving. We rely entirely on engineering, in-house and off-road testing as well as customer feedback to decide on the best design and materials to choose.

This KIT202 2-pack Contains 1 Upper and 1 Lower Ball Joint.

For a 4-pack see KIT102

What It Fits:
Jeep Grand Cherokee (1999-2004) 2WD or 4WD
Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2018) 4WD

  • Phosphate Finish: Extremely durable. Double coated. UPPER: Threads coated as well. Rugged look.
  • Grade 8 – Class 10.9 Hardware: Superior tensile strength
  • Castle Nut: Industry standard where high vibration loads occur.
  • SAE 1045 Solid Steel Forged Housing: This is unequivocally the best carbon alloy steel for this application.
  • Knurled Housings: The preferred design for aftermarket installations.
  • CNC Machined Housing: Make our parts and bearings dimensionally perfect, eliminating any die wear issues.
  • Upper: Carbon Bearing Design: Used mainly in Jeep and upper ball joints is the solver of all things wobbly. Like all of our product
  • Lower: Military Grade Acetal Bearing: The same bearing material spec’d by the US military for Hummer ball joints.

This material is: dimensionally stable (doesn’t expand or contract with hot or cold, water or oil absorption), it can be polished smooth as steel, is anti-friction, Doesn’t wear itself out under load like metal on metal, and can take an absolute pounding.

  • SAE 4140 hot forged Chromoly Ball Studs: For the strongest possible metallurgy.
  • Induction Heat Treated Ball Studs: Provides a very precise heat treatment to the exact depth and location we want it.
  • Upper: Plunger Design Stud:and Unique to Jeep and, allows up and down movement with no side-to-side movement.
  • Lower: Polished Ball Studs: Are built like an anti-friction bearing with extremely precise tolerances.
  • Rolled Threads: Are made by pressing the shape of the threads into the ball stud instead of cutting.
  • This strengthens the threads instead of weakening them and allows for easy movement of hardware.

This ain’t no Ikea furniture!

  • Step Threads: Allows for very easy movement of hardware on install and superior holding when torqued (installer choice).
  • CR Rubber Boots: The most durable material for undercar applications. Resistant to deterioration from road level ozone, oil/gas/engine fluids and extreme heat or cold
  • Pancake Boot
  • Pre threaded Zerk Housing: If you have ever installed a MOOG Ball Joint without a pre-threaded zerk fitting you will understand what a simple but great feature this is. Another installer fav.
  • Greaseable: Because it should be.
  • Pre-Greased: Just in case you forget, we have you covered.
  • Gull Winged Grease Grooves: Allows for improved lubrication disbursement around the ball stud.
  • Zerk Fittings: Included for every application.
  • Custom Features: Upper: Custom Bearing design to eliminate Death Wobble.
  • Custom Features: Lower: Angled Zerk housing for easier servicing.